Contemporary artist 現代美術家
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A contemporary artist who graduated from Tama Art University. She was diagnosed with Dissociative Disorder and while she was being treated for bipolar disorder, she made pieces for exhibitions that exceeded all genres and cemented her position as an intermedia artist. She is the leader of the performance art piece "NGO Usagi Ranger." She is also a vegetarian. She has won the coveted Meiwa Denki Award at the Tama Art Competition. She was also awarded the "Petit" GEISAI award organized by artist Takashi Murakami. She starred in the play "Hi no Tori (Phoenix)," created in collaboration with Katsuhiko Hibino in commemoration of Hideki Noda taking the art director position of at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space. She was a guest artist as part of "Takashi Murakami "Petit" GEISAI Kekki Off!" She was introduced at the Salzburg Museum "Japan's Fine Art Exhibit" as one of the most prominent Japanese contemporary artists.
インターメディア・アーティスト。 作品「NGOうさぎ組」組長。ベジタリアン。 TAMA ART CONPETITION 明和電機賞 受賞。
村上隆 主催"petit"GEISAI 受賞。野田秀樹芸術監督就任記念公演 日比野克彦コラボレーション「火の鳥」主演。「村上隆主催"petit"GEISAI決起 オフ!」招待作家。 ザルツブルグ博物館「日本の芸術」展で日本の現代美術家として紹介される。